Sublimation Printer - Epson 16600

Hey Cousins!

What is the BEST sublimation printer? Well, I'm not sure haha.  I have an Epson 16600 and I'll tell you the reason's I chose it.

The Epson 16600 can print 13 X19 in the outside tray, If using a roll you can expand to almost 14 inches by the length of the roll.

Epson EcoTanks printers are affordable and easily configured for sublimation printing. Unlike traditional printers, they don’t use an ink cartridge. They use a refillable ink tank. Ink I use and prefer (I'll insert here after getting an affiliate discount for our customers ).   

To optimize the color of your prints, you have to first insure you have the most current and up to date drivers.  There is an abundance of YouTube videos on how to do this. If you're like me and prefer to read, I'll post instructions in another post :)



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